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The Center for Archaeological Sciences (CAS) exists to ensure interaction between archaeology and other scientific disciplines engaged in studies of the past. Our mission includes fostering communication and potential research among faculty and students who share a common interest in studies of the human past.

The archaeological study of the human past cross-cuts the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences and is by its very nature interdisciplinary and collaborative. As part of its mission, CAS supports:

1. communication and collaboration among students and faculty who study the human past;

2. graduate and undergraduate course work, research, and co-curricular programs in interdisciplinary, international studies of the past by students in diverse departments and collages across campus; and

3. creative interdisciplinary research within the broadest definition of archaeological research irrespective of academic discipline, time period, or location.

For information about the Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeological Sciences, contact Dr. Jennifer Birch,, (706) 542-1959.