Required Courses

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The required courses are divided among three areas: scientific methods, cultural context, and practical field work. The intent of this requirement is to ensure that students exhibit competence in scientific methods and theories and that they can apply that competence both in the classroom and in the field. Students should take one course from each of these groups to total no more than 9 semester hours. Students wishing to take a course not listed below should contact the CAS faculty advisor.

Required Courses

Group 1: Scientific Methods in Archaeology

Courses should provide a solid methodological grounding in one or more fields of archaeological science

Group 2: Cultural Context for Archaeology

Courses should be grounded in a regional approach and/or context for archaeological practice

 Group 3: Field School Experience
ANTH 4025 Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry in Anthropology ANTH 3220 Intro to Prehistoric Archaeology ANTH 4200 Field Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 4095 Underwater Archaeology ANTH 3250 Old World Archaeology ANTH 4240 Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
ANTH (ECOL) 4210 Zoorchaeology ANTH 3270 (LACS)(NAMS) New World Archaeology ANTH (GEOL) 4960H Directed Readings and/or Projects (Honors Field School)

ANTH (ECOL) 4290 Enviromental Archaeology

ANTH (NAMS) 4080 Archaeology of the Southwest CLAS 4150 Practicum in Classical Archaeology

ANTH 4265 Bioarchaeology

ANTH (NAMS) 4310 Archaeology of Eastern North America GEOG 4060 Field and Laboratory Methods in Physical Geography

GEOL (ANTH) 4700 Archaeological Geology

ANTH (LACS) (NAMS) 4460 The Aztecs and Maya

GEOL 4070 Field Study in Geomorphology

ANTH 4730 Human Osteology

CLAS 4100 Ancient Roman Cities

GEOL 4270 Geology Field School
  CLAS 4130 Archaeology of Rome’s Provinces  
  CLAS 4350 Ancient Rome GEOL 4660 Field School in Shallow Geophysics

Accredited field schools from reputable programs known to the faculty of CAS may be accepted as credit upon the written approval of the undergraduate advisor. Most field schools have prerequisites and require the permission of the department (POD). Students should make arrangements for field school early in their schedule development.

Elective Courses

Elective courses offer detailed studies in soils, geography, geology and human cultures of the ancient and recent past.
Students must take two classes from these lists, ideally (though not necessarily) one each in the natural and social sciences.

Group 4: Natural Sciences Group

Group 4: Social Science and Humanities Group

ANTH 4720/4720L Forensic Anthropology ANTH 3210 The Archaeology of Warfare
ANTH 4010 Historical Ecology ANTH 3230 Material Culture
CRSS (GEOL) 4540/4540L Pedology ANTH 3250 Prehistory of Europe
GEOG 3010 General Geomorphology ANTH 3290 Celtic and Pre-Celtic Archaeology
GEOG 4020 Fluvial Geomorphology ANTH 4010 Historical Ecology
GEOG 4040 Global Environmental Change During the Quaternary ANTH (NAMS) 4080 Archaeology of the Southwest
GEOG 4370/4370L Geographical Information Science ANTH 4250 Cultural Resource Management
GEOL 3010/3010L Earth Materials* ANTH 4262 Transitions from Foraging to Farming
GEOL 3020/3020L Surficial and Near Surficial Processes* ANTH (NAMS) 4315 Archaeology of Georgia
GEOL 4500 Sedimentary Geology ANTH (LACS) (NAMS) 4460 The Aztecs and Maya
GEOG 4370/4370E Geographical Information Science ANTH 4061 Paleoanthropology
  ANTH 4710/4710L Human Origins
  ANTH 4790 Human Adaptations
* Open to Geology majors or minors only ANTH 4850 Archaeology and Society
  ARHI 3000 Ancient Art* 
  ARHI 3002 Greek Art and Architecture
  ARHI 3004 Roman Art and Architecture
  ARHI 4000 Hellenistic Greek Art
  ARHI (CLAS) 4002 Greek and Roman Painting
  ARHI (CLAS) 4004 The Roman Villa
  ARHI (CLAS) 4006 Color in Ancient Art
  ARHI (CLAS) 4008/6008 Ancient Roman Sculpture

CLAS 3000 Introduction to Classical Europe

  CLAS 4110 The Etruscans and Early Rome

CLAS 4160 Late Antiquity


CLAS 4305 The Urban Tradition of Rome


CLAS 4350 Ancient Rome


CLAS 4380 Death: Antiquity and Its Legacy


CLAS 4390 Grand Tour: Visions and Revisions of Classical Antiquity


CLAS 4395 Legacy of Classical Antiquity


CLAS 4360 Daily Life of the Ancient World

  CLAS 4400 The Art of Rome